LPU / Hive Rambler Functional Vest - Lite

$303.05 $319.00

[ Front Panel ]
_Upper right / High-density transparent nylon mesh pocket.
_Upper left / Adjustable drawstring outer pocket.
_Lower panel / Multi-pocket panel on both sides, consisting of a zippered pocket on the upper part, a flap pocket on the lower part, and a concealed zippered pocket near the edge.
_Funct. / Customized D-ring on both shoulders.
_Funct. / Adjustable webbing buckles with double rows on the chest.
_Manufacturing year logo on the pocket.

[Back Panel]
_Upper back / Top-opening two-way zippered pocket, with parachute cord array adjustment system to customize pocket fit.
_Lower back / Integrated kangaroo pocket for employees to store folding umbrellas or sweat towels and other items that are not easily accommodated.
_Reflective DUSZEN logo printed on the back.

[Side Panel]
_Chest side / Snap fasteners and webbing adjustment system to adjust the tightness of the equipment.

_fabric 1

_fabric 2

_fabric 3
100% NYLON

_fabric 4
100% NYLON