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_Modular detachable combination shoulder strap rig + backpack

A backpack mode:

The HE pocket shoulder strap module and the pyramid layer backpack module are assembled with corresponding zippers to expand the storage space to the maximum.

The upper bag of the pyramid backpack has a relatively compact space and is used to store odds and ends. The zipper bag at the bottom can just accommodate a macbook mini or objects within a similar size. The upper and lower bags are fixed by a 38mm elastic elastic webbing, and there is a spare ZINC ALLOY G-LOCK fastener is used for expansion storage or fixation purpose.

B shoulder strap rig mode:

Enable this mode by dismount the backpack through the quick release zipper connecting the strap, thus greatly improve mobility while retaining the core storage and assembly requirements.

There is a functional HE pocket at both sides of the modular strap. The upper open bag on the upper side is convenient for quick access to mobile phones, glasses and other items that require frequent loading and unloading. The spare storage pocket on the lower side is opened and closed by fidlock magnetic fasteners. It is usually used for mobile spare batteries storage or items that do not require frequent replacement.

The front of the shoulder strap adjusts the tightness of the chest through adjusting the buckle. The G-LOCK buckle under the shoulder strap is used to adjust the tightness of the strap. The webbing and the strap can be completely disassembled and separated by G-LOCK, to create more wearing combination.

There is a fidlock magnetic fastener on the back of the modular shoulder strap to connect the shoulder straps on both sides to adjust the width of the back or to separate the strap for separate use.

100%POLYESTER 100%POLYAMIDE 100%POLYESTER Coated windbreaker water repellent

FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners
YKK German made metal snaps
US CONMAR military supply zipper
ZINC ALLOY fasteners / eyelock / d-ring

Arctic moss camo dye