Our Black(out) Friday event is now ON, most items have been discounted during the validity period of the event, plus an additional 10-20% discounts on orders reaching a specified total purchase amount(apply automatically when checkout), please enjoy a happy thanks giving holiday Duszen!


 📋 Black Friday rules :



 Valid until 

US (30)_NOV_00:00AM_(PDT)
EU (30)_NOV_09:00AM_(CEST)
ASIA (1)_DEC_04:00PM_(CST) 


[Q] Does ladder bonus mean you can stack discount codes?

[A] No, discounts cannot be stacked. The ladder refers to the increased discount percentage when a certain total purchase amount is reached. 

[ *Updated ]
For example, when you get a cart total amount of 1000$ proceed checkout and get a 15% discount on the order, and when the cart amount reaches 1500$, you will receive 20% discount instead of 15% of the total order amount automatically on the checkout page. Discounts do not stacks on each other.

Therefore, the maximum discount price you can get depends on the amount you spend on the total order and the discounted price of the item during the event.

Ex. Some items has been already deducted from 10-40% of the orginal price base on the seasons, when you got a 20% reduction on BFD + the price already discounted, what you get is a maximum discount up to 50 - even 70% of the original price.


[Q] No refund on BFD, but can I still exchange for a different sizes or colors, or other items? when it’s not fitting?

[A] Yes, we accept exchange for different sizes or colors, subject to our return and exchange policy.


[Q] Where do we ship from and how long will it take to arrive?

[A] We ship and export from Guangzhou, China. It usually takes 48hr (not include weekend) to process the order until they’re shipped. Your package usually takes about 2-7 business days to arrive depending the location of your address. Also, it might be delay due to logistic or clearance, we use FedEx to transport the goods in most cases.

*COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains globally, and air cargo capacity is extremely constrained, delivery times in some areas will be affected, and we will do our best to optimize our operations according to the immediate situation to meet customer expectations.