PRMTVSM is an industrial futuristic branch line of HAMCUS. The Cosmos Character Style System is a distinctive concept proposed by the design team. Its first spring summer collection was debuts in Paris in 2017. 


_ PRMTVSM : dismantling from [ primitivism ], the letter “i” implies the infinity extension of an individual, signify the symbolic primitive substance of self off-cocoon process, intent to liberate itself from "civilize" and "modern" bound, each “i” stand for each stages of self-cognition.




At the very beginning that we constructed this concept branch of PRMTVSM, we thought that if it was just another clothing line limited to a certain style, it would surely lose its creativity because of the inherent rapid consumption and seasonal renewal patterns of commercial fashion, in order to pursue a meaningless rhythm which make a homogeneous cycle. Lacking freshness and slowly becomes tedious. As we liked challenges and renew ourselves constantly, since there's nothing more daunting than losing interest and pursuit in creativity. Jumping out of the physical concept of a clothing object, but instead, extends the inspiration we found into a broader cosmic axis.

Therefore, we boldly give you the Cosmos Character Style System, a distinctive new clothing concept proposed by the design team that the world had never seen before.


Primus universe / SS18 – S0CIETY319 

We radiate the core of the story into a universe called PRIMUS, by drawing a story evolution of different races society to push out the corresponding dress patterns with distinct personalities. The factors that influence the setting include the environment of the universe, the background of the characters, and the development of the world story. We will use fabric materials combines with technical treatments to match the ethnicity of each individual race, to sketch the evolution of clothing for each different race in each seasonal series, encompassing the continuity story of the universal outline, which all of the journey start from SS/18 S0CIETY319 in 2018.



PMU faction / AW18 - CONTINUUS

Introducing PMU (Prime Military Units).

The PMU corps: encroach on the armament group that occupies the resources of the planet. The majority of the legionaries are made up of the remnants of the remnants of the primus enterprises, and they are also actively expanding the forces by absorbing non regular army groups, such as grazing predators, bounty hunters, killers, alien species and so on.

The appearance of PMU corps is well differentiated, the regular army has a uniform system as all other armament groups, glutted with military elements and practical functional design, even the material is also biased towards the adverse apocalyptic harsh environment thus emphasis persistent survival. Because the Legion controls the operation of most industries in the region, and the absolute advantages of resources. The outlay ensures the superiority of the military equipment of the group.