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It is suitable for strenuous exercise and can carry a small amount of personal belongings with a convenient functional shoulder strap with high mobility module.

There is a functional THE pocket on both sides of the module strap. The upper open pocket on the upper side is convenient for quick access to mobile phones, glasses and other items that need frequent loading and unloading. The spare storage pocket on the lower side is opened and closed by fidlock magnetic fasteners, usually used for Storing mobile spare batteries or items that do not require frequent replacement.

The front of the shoulder strap adjusts the tightness of the chest through the adjustment buckle. The snap button directly below the shoulder strap and the plastic insert on the top of the back are used to connect the extended cushioning sling. The sling can be matched with the special type of pants. Component connection combination.

Pants please refer to: RAPID DEPLOY SPRINTER PANTS

There is a fidlock magnetic fastener on the back of the modular shoulder strap to connect the shoulder straps on both sides to adjust the width of the back or to separate the strap for separate use.

Fabric /
Windbreaker with a certain water repellent function

100% nylon, 100% polyester, 100% ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer

_Germany made YKK metal snap
_Fidlock magnetic fasteners
_Special ZINC ALLOY metal fasteners
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cold dyeing