/ Complex multi-layered details modeled on the morphological structure of Manta (devil fish). / The side wings and the upper body are connected by zippers, which can be disassembled and combined into a mask. The mask and the four button in the hood are fixed, so as to change the shape. / The wings on both sides of the clothes can be removed to change the length of the parka. / There are more than 10 pockets inside and outside the whole garment, some of which are hidden / The stand collar, which can be divided into layers, and the huge hood which can be concealed into the collar, are all designed to imitate the shape of the mouth and head of the Manta (devil fish) / The parka has a hidden mesh layer at the back
100% cotton 100% nylon 100% cotton

/ Garment cold dyed in Twilight Mauve.
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