x DUSZEN BE@RBRICK 112 1000%



A Duszen Multiverse Event //
@medicom_toy x Duszen [LP27]

🐻 BB-112 _ ✨
__ The Untold Chronicles of Duszeneverse🪐


Introducing BB-112: Beyond Boundaries 112, a collaboration between HAMCUS and MEDICOM TOY. Inspired by interstellar and time travel, BB-112 blends sci-fi with ancient mythology, symbolizing an interstellar relic hunter with spacetime manipulation abilities. 

Dressed in the unique LP25 Geo-Cocoon Storm Ranger Cloak, BB-112's design reflects the desolate and stormy landscapes of the Lower Planet. Its torso acts as a storage device, converting celestial minerals into energy for micro-wormhole jumps. BB-112 is a legend in the LP world, sparking awe and curiosity with every appearance. 


█ Specs

🐻 1000% _ DUSZEN BE@RBRICK-112

░ Height / 700mm
░ Weight / 7000g


Be@rbrick Body / 100% ABS
the Geo-Cocoon Storm Ranger set /