SRC-#2 Stardust Analyst's / The Binary Depth Diggers

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"Those planning on plumbing the depths of ancient tombs in search of treasure would do well to wear these pants."

_multiform trousers/shorts, the outer trousers and the inner shorts are combined by the zipper on the inside of the waistband, which can be disassembled and turned into two pants.
_the detachable multi-layer cargo pocket on both sides of the trousers can be attached/detached through the zipper on the pocket and the corresponding zipper on the trousers, and snap buttons. The cargo pockets can be removed and attach again with the inner shorts, a total of 4 different combination can be transformed.
_2 concealed zipper pockets hidden beneath the detachable cargo pockets on the pants.
_2 hand pocket on the inner shorts.
_through the overlapping zipper structure from the hip line to the leg opening, the shape of the trouser legs can be freely adjusted between the 3 forms of split/straight/tighten according to the actual situation.
_bungee-style adjuster at both front side of the waist, adjustable strap buckle at front waist.
_featuring RRSP zip-fly system.
_strap with snaps adjuster at cuffs.
_world plot element printed on the mesh layer of the pants, and the detachable cargo pocket.

Disclaimer: The pants demonstrated in the video are the original prototype concept, and the quick release zipper used was cancelled after the final production evaluation. The zipper of the actual product has the same functions except that it cannot be quickly removed.

YKK German made metal snaps
US CONMAR military supply zipper
ZINC ALLOY eyelock
FIDLOCK magnetic components

vintage washed
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