Strategic Utility Extension Module / MODULAR V-POD - Mk.1

$314.25 $419.00

A functional vest / shoulder bag that can change combinations to achieve various matching methods, and switch various modes in response to practical situations.

The underside of the chest strap is a geometric concealed zipper pocket, which can be used to store mobile phones and other small items. The elastic webbing below is connected by a G buckle and the backpack on the back to adjust the elasticity at the same time. The webbing and the strap can be completely disassembled and separated by G buckle, to create more wearing combination.

Vest Mode /

The pyramid double geo-cargo backpack are assembled with each other through the hidden quick-release zipper structure. By unzipping the two zippers connecting the upper and lower sides, you can remove the geo-cargo bag on the lower side to enable a relatively lighter and more flexible vest mode.

Shoulder Bag Mode /

The geo-cargo pocket separated from the lower side of the back can be transformed into a shoulder bag by reconnecting the G buckle. To enable this, just disconnect the straps from the lower side flap of the bag, and re-connect them back to the concealed belt loop above, the shoulder strap is assembled. Fidlock 38mm magnetic buckle is used to connect and adjust the length of the straddle strap.

[ SUEM ]

In addition to effectively resisting tearing damage, can also help to soak up impact taken on the body.
The more SUEM units that are attached, the greater the level of protection offered.

Be aware that the impact-reduction function will drain durability of the protection unit at an accelerated rate when triggered.