Edge Vagrant's Pants-B / Envdapt Convertible Pants

$512.00 $569.00
_multiform convertible pants and shorts.
_detachable leg and thigh are connected by zippers at the knees, and become shorts after splitting.
_contrasting mixed fabric panel body construction.
_double layer waistline with elastic inner upper waist, and bungee cord adjuster at both side of the lower wasit.
_there are belt loops for connecting the shoulder strap modules on the front and back sides of the waist.
_drawstring mineral-pocket panel at both sides of the upper short.
_a concealed zipper structure around the upper thigh and close to the buttocks for connection of a detachable modular trouser leg, an additional set of detachable long and short trouser legs is provided.
_cargo pockets on both sides of the detachable trouser legs.
_featuring featuring RRSP system (Rapid Release Storm Placket).
_expandable calf with zipper and elastic strap with snaps adjuster at leg opening.
_elements associated with the LP world are printed throughout.

_fabric 1

_fabric 2
100% NYLON

_fabric 3
32% WOOL

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