OB / Dual-Form Sleeve Module Bomber Jacket

_Adjustable hood and neck circumference with drawstring adjusters on the placket.
_The hood circumference can be adjusted via a hidden drawstring adjuster at the back.
_Interchangeable zipper detachable module design is hidden under the webbing fly piece. It runs from the front hem around the shoulders to the rear hem and can be switched between the flight jacket module and the expansion module.
_Bomber jacket module side panels have two hidden zip pockets under the webbing, while expansion module side panels have hidden zip pockets and sandworm elastic cuffs with cuff drawstring adjustment.
_The flight jacket module features a threaded lower panel, while the expansion module has a drawstring adjustment on the lower panel.
_Two-way zipper closure front placket up to collar.
_Elements associated with the LP world are printed throughout.

_fabric 1

_fabric 2
54.1% COTTON


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