x MOSAISPARIS / Shadow Broker - Moerae's Manacles - Trousers

_Partial elastic waistband with adjustable strap buckles on both sides for a comfortable fit.
_Two concealed side pockets with hidden zippers for secure storage.
_Two concealed zippered see-through nylon mesh pockets at back waist.
_Webbing flaps with multiple eyelets and chain links run from the back waist to the inner foot openings.
_Expandable trouser legs through the zipper structure from the back of the hip to the foot opening.
_Elements associated with the LP world printed throughout.

‚ÄĽ Due to the non-detachable nature of the shackles, the garment requires professional dry cleaning.

_fabric 1

_fabric 2
54.1% COTTON

_fabric 3

_Forged by¬†M√ėSA√ŹS Astral-Smith
100% Zinc Alloy

_Forged by¬†M√ėSA√ŹS Astral-Smith
100% Zinc Alloy

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